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How Does Our Mould Removal System  Work?

Many homes suffer with unsightly condensation that quickly escalates to become very unhealthy blackspot Mould, which is a well know cause of cancers and respiratory disease. We offer a completely maintenance free(for at least 5 years) solution, that works quietly and efficiently 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

The principle behind the operation is quite simple. Think of it as a small fan hidden in your loft,  with various speed settings. This adapts to differing levels of need based on how severe your situation is.

The fan blows dry filtered air out of the loft space into your home gently. The air comes from a small vent that is placed in the ceiling. Normally, it is installed in a landing or just above the stairs. There are pre heated versions which temper the fresh  air that enters the home.

The gentle flow of clean and filtered air inside the home is inaudible so that you won’t notice it at all. With that said, it is enough to raise the overall air pressure inside your home. This process forces the damp, stale air out of your house through the vents and gaps, so there is no need to open external windows and doors  as the fresh air is continuously pouring in from your system.

As you already know, heat rises. That’s why it’s important to put the PIV unit at ceiling height where there would have been wasted energy. With the PIV unit in place, your loft space recycles and captures the air for maximum energy efficiency.

When this is paired with the sun’s rays during winter, the air will be warmed naturally thereby saving you money. Then, this fresh air is filtered into the home and mixed with the rising heat

This whole process creates a home that has continuous filtered tempered air flowing through it, which creates an enviroment that mould spores and condensation cannot fester.

Benefits of our filtered air systems

There are numerous benefits to having our system installed. Here are some to consider.

  • Stops condensation and mould – If you battle window condensation  on the glass or frames and blackspot moulds on walls and ceilings, you will notice a reduction after installing a PIV unit.
  • Works in the whole house – This one unit will work effectively on the air of the entire home up to five bedrooms.
  • Quiet – The unit is inaudible on the lowest setting and quiet on higher settings.
  • Removes odours – Those musty, damp smells are removed within days.
  • Filters the air – Your air quality is improved thanks to the fresh supply of clean air into your home. There is a filtration system that will remove dust, pollen, pollution and other things you do not want in the house.
  • Economical – Most units draw anywhere from 1.5 – 15 watts, so you are left with little energy usage.
  • Tamper-proof – This has been a great option for landlords because you aren’t relying on a tenant to use the dehumidifier.
  • New build or older homes – this system is suitable for insulated new build homes and also older un insulated property

Don’t worry if you don’t have a loft, we have systems that can be installed in any cupboard,, cellar or other space.

This system has a minimal amount of disruption for installation, and a system can be installed in 1 day with some taking only a few hours !

Call today for a free no obligation survey and quotation, you will be pleasantly surprised.

All our systems come with either 5 or 7 year manufacturers warranty and are UK made

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