Roof Coating & Restoration Llandudno

When we arrived at this bugalow, it was picture perfect in every way apart from the roof, which due to being situated in the countryside right below a woodland, had suffered the effects of falling leaves rotting and a build up of lichens and algae.

This ruined the appearance of an otherwise delightfull bungalow.

As you enlarge the photos below, you are able to see the whole process of roof coating and restoration during every stage of the job.

Stripping & Cleaning The Roof

Firstly the roof was cleaned with a high power pressure washer.

Repairing The Roof

Although the roof was in extremely good condition overall, any broken or cracked tiles were repaired, along with removal and re bedding of ridges where necessary.

Chemical Treatment with Biocide Wash

The whole roof is sprayed with a biocide wash, which will kill off any spores within the surface of the tiles

The Coating Process

The roof is coated with three coats of our unique Acrylic Polymer Roof Coating product by means of a specialist Airless high pressure sprayer at pressures of up to 2100 PSi which enters every crevice on the surface of the roof tiles, and sealing them from the elements.

Once the process is complete,your property is cleaned of any remaining debris.

As you can see the transformations are stunning, being more pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, replacing the weathered off factory finish that was probably applied anything up to 80 years ago!

Roof Coating & Restoration Work Llandudno