UPVC Fascias and Gutters

Mr & Mrs Jones’ request was simple- they had become overwhelmed with work that neither of them could do any longer and needed us to make their pretty bungalow, maintenance free while giving it a well deserved facelift, so we set to work

Installation of UPVC Roofline Products

We replaced all of the old timbers and steel gutters and downpipes with maintenance free white upvc in a square style, which gives a crisp contemporary look.

A single dry verge system was installed to cover the old mortar, which had previously outlined the gable and dominated the front of the property, and we cut,shaped and installed various shapes of upvc trim to create character around the front bay window.

Repainting the Property

We used a very high quality solven based Pliolite exterior paint, which in our opinion gives longer lasting and far superior protection in our harsh coastal enviroment locally.

Replacing The Cracked Front Concrete Footpath

The final job was to break up and remove the front steps and footpath as it had become dangerous and untidy, so we replaced it with a textured non slip concrete footpath and steps.

The transformation of the bungalow is just what Mr & Mrs Jones had in mind, and since this job we have replaced their bathroom, and as a result of the quality of this work, we won another contract to replace the UPVC roofline and bay window in the bugalow next door but one!

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